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Nathan Coe, Breaking the Rules Again, 2019

Nathan Coe, Breaking the Rules Again, 2019

C+C Photography Gallery is pleased to present a brand new color edition of Nathan Coe's most collected work, Breaking the Rules.

Photographed in Palm Beach in 2019, the original black and white edition has since completely sold out. Coe is thrilled to now officially launch Breaking the Rules Again, an alternate image from the iconic shoot that highlights the lush textures and vintage pink and green hues that are characteristic to the area. 

Looking back, Coe recalls having only a few seconds to get the perfect photograph. On a busy afternoon the weekend before Christmas, a particularly serendipitous moment presented itself when traffic stopped completely as a car briefly blocked the entry gate. "NOW!" Coe shouted, as the model quickly threw off her coat just in time for him to snap a few frames. This color image ended up being the very last frame Coe captured that day.

Please inquire for more information on Breaking the Rules Again or to reserve one of Coe's limited edition prints, available now in 5 sizes.

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