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Photo of Batman waiting for the Bat-signal

When the Bat-signal appears in the skies of Gotham City, it means that the city needs the Caped Crusader, one of the iconic heroes of DC Comics: Batman.

Batman always shows up ready to intervene, so much so that photographer Sebastian Magnani tried to imagine the moment when the superhero waits for the signal, which in the original story, but also in Tim Burton’s film depictions, is activated by Commissioner Gordon.

It is beautiful to imagine, through Sebastian Magnani’s vision and shots, the moments of waiting, even tedious waiting, that Batman goes through before going into action. It is precisely the insertion of a character, recognized for moments of action and strength, into scenes of everyday life, dominated by total calm and the absence of other human figures, that creates an ironic but visually striking contrast. Magnani’s photos increasing even more the capacity for imagination and fantasy that accompanies the world of comics and fans of the genre.

Looking at the artist’s Instagram profile, one can see how Batman represents a real passion for Sebastian, with that physicality and black silhouette constantly contrasting with the backgrounds, neon-lit environments, and skies veiled by clouds.

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