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Christophe von Hohenberg and Jane Holzer

...Meanwhile down there in Palm Beach John Paulson and Jane Holzer (a.k.a Baby Jane Holzer — she’ll always be to many of us) co-hosted the private preview last Thursday night of Christophe von Hohenberg’s stunning The White Album of the Hamptons at Cavalier Galleries on South County Road.

This was a by-invitation reception, welcoming more than 150 prominent collectors, several who flew in from Europe and New York for the special event. The exhibition will be on view through this Thursday.

Kameron Ramirez and Nick Hissom, co-founders of Aktion Art, bid on Group of Surfers, the photograph the artist donated to benefit the Duke Nelson Memorial Scholarship, which is an endowment offered by Dreyfoos School of the Arts Foundation.

“Aktion art loves supporting local fellow galleries. A cause that helps local students of the arts resonates with me, said Ramirez. Christophe’s work is beautiful.”

“We are beyond excited to have raised enough money to offer all 4 scholarship finalists an endowment fund,” said Maribel Alvarez, co-founder of the Duke Nelson Memorial Scholarship. “I am truly grateful to Christophe, Ron Cavalier, Kameron Ramirez, Jane Holzer and John Paulson for this opportunity.”

It was a rare night, even for Palm Beach. Christophe has lots of fans. The hosts brought out the crowd that made it a special night. Among those attending: Hilary and Wilbur Ross, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Priscilla Rattazzi, Eleanora Kennedy, Anthony Haden-Guest, Cecile and Alain de Grelle, Andy Boszardt, Kara Ross, Dale Coudert, Manuel Balbotin, James Coleman, Kim Heirston, Dianne de la Bégassière, Chris Snyder, Director of Development at Dreyfoos School of the Arts, Scott Snyder, Rosa and Carlo Corsini, Yaz and Valentin Hernandez, Christiane Seitz, Felicia Taylor, Lisa Kerkorian, Margaret and David Luce, Sonny Kotite, PJ Quick Pollack, Robert Riva, Carolina von Humboldt, Paola Bacchini Rosenshein and Elizabeth Fekkai.

“We continue to enjoy representing Christophe and taking him to new heights.  It was an honor to host this special evening,” said Ron Cavalier...

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